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Casinos accepting deposits with Nordea

This is not a payment system, but a bank with a rich history and a good reputation. It offers the full range of services typical of banking institutions, but it also has its own characteristics, in particular, increased attention is paid to security. Nordea does not support many online casinos, but there are still such services.

This bank has existed for over 200 years and is very popular in the Scandinavian region. Millions of people use Nordea in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway. An interesting fact - in the past, Nordea's clients were outstanding personalities, among the first he was trusted by Hans Christian Andersen (the same writer).

It would be wrong to consider Nordea as an analogue of a conventional payment system. There is an opportunity to make payments online, pay for purchases online, replenish your casino account, but this is far from the only possibility. In addition, the bank deals with the following issues:

  • crediting to the population, leasing;
  • insurance;
  • investments;
  • pension savings;
  • bank deposits.

So this is a full-fledged bank, it's just focused more on the Scandinavian countries. The entry into the world market has taken place, there are representative offices in Russia and other countries, but it cannot yet compete with local market leaders.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nordea

We will not do a complete review of the bank, but we will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in terms of the convenience and reliability of replenishing an account in a casino. We highlight the strengths:

  • high transaction security. In addition to the standard login and password, you will also need a one-time password that is generated each time you log into your account. Nordea has an unusual offer - customers can be issued a card with a set of 80 one-time codes on the back. When a client uses 60, the bank prepares a new card with codes for him;
  • it is possible to issue a MasterCard plastic card. With it, you can replenish your casino account from anywhere in the world;
  • there is a good mobile application. The functionality is the same as when working through a PC;
  • commissions are minimal. For example, when replenishing an account in a casino, the bank does not take a commission from customers at all;
  • payment occurs without delay.

Of the shortcomings, we note:

  • very weak support from online casinos;
  • despite the fact that the bank is not limited to one country, but in general, the main target audience is in the Scandinavian countries. In other countries, working with Nordea is problematic;
  • money is not withdrawn through this bank by bank transfer.

There are few shortcomings, but they cannot be called insignificant.

How to fund your casino account with Nordea

From a bank account, the replenishment process is standard for all banks:

  • choose the Nordea replenishment method on the casino website;
  • in the window that opens, enter the replenishment amount;
  • next you will be redirected to the bank's website, you will need to enter your personal account and confirm the transaction. After that, the money is in the player's account within a few seconds.

If you use a MasterCard from this bank, then there are no restrictions, you can work with a much larger number of casinos. Just when replenishing the account, you need to choose the method of replenishment "from a bank card". It is also convenient to withdraw money on plastic.

As far as support is concerned, our database search returns only 19 casinos where you can fund your account from your Nordea bank account. Moreover, in some of them this method is listed only nominally. So before replenishing, it is advisable to clarify about the support of this payment method in the casino.


Nordea feels comfortable in the role of a regional bank in the Scandinavian countries. It is popular, a multimillion-dollar army of customers allows it to develop steadily, but it is not suitable for replenishing an account in a casino.

The reason for this is the almost non-existent support from online casinos. Only 10-20 casinos support this deposit method. So most players are better off choosing something more versatile. Collapse

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