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We Do Not Want To Be Loved… We Want To love.

What you and I always wanted was to feel our own love, not the love from someone else. When we think that we want someone to love us, we go through life with a lot of suffering. First we are constantly looking for someone to love us, and we have the feel that something is missing from our lives.

Then it also creates fear and anxiety because we think life would be so bad if I never find someone to love. In addition we focus on things like how do I dress, should I go there, are they good, how should I approach. We are giving constant mental energy to this search.

And if we do find someone to love us, like we are in a relationship or marriage. Then we are constantly worrying about or often worry about whether they still love us, whether they still love us enough and this is not enjoyable at all.

But the real thing is that it is all based on simple misunderstanding. We feel the feeling that we want is only created by somebody loving us, but it is not. In real the feeling that we want is actually created by loving others, anyone. That’s the feeling that we were searching.

The love you and I want is the love that we give. When we are around others and we love them it feels wonderful. We feel free, we feel happy and we feel hope. There is no suffering that goes along with loving. It is completely independent of everything.

When we love someone without wanting anything in return, then we get everything we ever wished in life.
Its complete satisfaction and contentment.

This time I am not going to ask the right question. I just want to say.

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