For Those Who Think They Are Late Or Early. But Never On time.

For Those Who Think They Are Late Or Early. But Never On Time

I don’t know who invented this system of measuring, but it is very popular in our society. The system is, measuring people with age.

If your child is 5 years old, it should be in school.
If you are at 21, you should be graduated by now.
If you get married before 20 its early, after 30 its late and between 20-30 there are various opinions.
If you are at 25, you should have a job.
If you are at 35, you should never think of leaving the job.
If you are at 40, you should act like a 40 year old.
If you are at 50, it’s not the right age to start a business.

There are several other examples like this. The question is why we take age as a timeline? If our life is not according to these age slots why we are considered late or early?
Being in certain age slot doesn’t guarantee you success. I have seen children going to school at 5, and they stayed in the same class for 2 years. I have seen students who are graduated at 21 but after 5 years they are still jobless. I have seen people getting married at 20 but divorced within a year.

Are they late, early or on time?

I suggest you all to be on your own timeline. Stop comparing your life to others. Just because someone appears happy and fulfilled to you doesn’t mean they are. You do not know everyone’s internal problems. Never look at their life in relation to yours. You never know how things will play out for you. So, it’s smarter to create your own path, follow your purpose and have faith that things will work out.

Keep reminding it to yourself.
I’m not late.
I’m not early.
I’m on time.

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