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If You Ever Find Yourself In The Wrong Story. Leave!

Some people intentionally or unintentionally have the habit of creating their own storms and when it rains they, gets upset and starts blaming. We go to jobs we don’t like, jobs that are making us sick. Jobs that are not giving us satisfaction, comfort, fulfillment, or even the desired amount of money. But the most poisoned part is that we talk ourselves out of it by saying “we are doing it for our parents, our children or in general our family.”

When you are in a place, you don’t like. When you are doing something you don’t want to. When you yourself know that it wont take you anywhere or where you want to. When you stop growing or stop wanting anything. When you stop pursuing your goal. When you are in that stage, everybody is against you. They don’t believe you.

It is a lonely feeling particularly people that you are doing it for. I have been there and believe me that is not the place to be. It really hurts, you feel that deep down in your soul.

So let us just put that all in the past and find the answers that only we know. First of all leaves from the place you don’t like. Leave from the job you don’t love. Leave the people that are putting you down. Leave your dis-empowering believes. Leave relationships that you are not happy with and leave the enemies that are inside you.
If there is no enemy within us, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

You already have the answers. So here are some important questions:
1: How has being responsible kept you from the life you wanted?
2: What would you sacrifice if you continue on the same track for five years?
3: When is the right time to do a great thing?
4: What is the worst that could happen if I leave my current path?
5: What is the best that could happen if I leave my current path?

P.S: Usually, what we most fear doing is what we must need to do.

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