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Desire: Good, Bad, Evil? How To Get What You Desire?

You and I we burn with desire as what we want runs through our consciousness. We hold on to things as if they will never leave us, as if the wind will stay static forever. What we do not realize is the only constant in this life is CHANGE (our actions).

Many people consider Desire to be an evil thing. They say it will get you and leave you nowhere. However, it can be evil, but that depends upon the type of desire you are referring to. I need this, I need that, my phone is too slow I need to buy a new one, I need money. These are not good desires.

On the other hand think about this. If you desire nothing, then what will you do in this world? Desire is what brought you in this reality, because you are in this reality to do something or to experience something. Perhaps you have a goal in life. Like my goal is simply to help people and express myself. I desire to express myself, and I desire to help other people. You and I we all can have positive and productive desires. There is nothing wrong in that.

How to get what you desire:
Be certain about what you desire and be specific. We do not get things that we think in general. We only get what we are certain about. In order to be totally effective, your words and action should match up. Believe in yourself, your abilities and most importantly believe that God is always with you.

You need to do only one exercise daily, it might take only 4 to 5 minutes. Talk in a passionate way about what you desire and why you desire it. Talk to your friends, your family and if you have no one to talk. Talk to yourself, you can even talk to a wall.

Now we need to get out of this loop, saying that desire is bad. It is simply the concept of specific types of desire which is bad. Everything in our life comes from desire backed by our actions. Don’t listen to those people who tell you to stop desiring. Turn your back and walk away towards your desire and say “I Am Here Right Now Because I desire To Be.”

We all have the answers: I just ask the right question.
If you desire nothing what are you doing in this world?
What you desire in this life?
Do your actions support your desire?
Do you feel passion in what you desire?

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