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Be The Author Of Your Own Story

I am writing it down, and I am making it happen. Be the author of your own story. If you want what you dreamed, in which you have all the choices. You have the ability to make decision. You are the one who decide the limits and even the do and do nots are in your hands. Then you have to write it by yourself. 

Stop acting on the script written by others. Create your own story. If you want to change your life, first you need to change yourself. You have two choices, sat back and wait for things to happen or take charge and happen to things. Take the responsibility of your life.

Don’t waste time telling other people your story. The more you stay focused on your story for success, the closer you will get to your goal. Gossip and rumors are distractions that takes away the time and effort you need to reach your ultimate goal.

Work in silence and let the success do the talking for you.
For this time we are not going to ask questions, we are going to end with strong belief in ourselves. Believe in yourself that you yourself is the best asset you will ever have.

On regular basis keep saying this to yourself:
This is my life and I am the only one responsible for it.

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